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John Deere Forum Mannheim 2014

SRH Bigband

Founded in 2002, by leader and trombonist, Rainer Maertens the band initially recruited only employees of the SRH-Group that had an interest in playing big band material.

The SRH-Foundation (Stiftung Rehabilitation Heidelberg is a private provider of services in the fields of education, rehabilitation, health care and innovation with around 11.000 employees nationwide. With regional branches throughout Germany, SRH is headquartered in Heidelberg; where the band meets for its regular rehearsals.

When the band consisted of only employees, it could be called the musical operating crew of the SRH-Foundation. Today however, the Bigband also recruits skilled musicians from outside the company; and for us, SRH translates today as: Swings Really Hot...

Since its formation, the band has performed concerts and festivals both nationally and abroad (e.g. USA, France, Hungary, Czech Republic.) It now presents orchestral Jazz with classic big bandinstrumentation, including exceptional vocalist Tamila Kurmakaeva from Usbekistan.

Regular workshops with renowned musicians and band leaders, along with frequent rehearsals, guarantee the high level of musical quality of this band. The SRH Bigband was awarded first prize for best formation at the Seventh Big Band Festival in Szombathely, Hugary in 2013.

„Good News“ is the name of a well received CD the Band recorded six years ago. However, the SRH Bigband's repertoire continued to evolve into what is now a very modern as well as polished program.

The current program includes tunes mainly from the genres of Latin, Funk and Swing; with many original arrangements. The band is known for its great variety of pieces from nearly all styles of Jazz.

Presently, the SRH Bigband's repertoire includes approximately fourty varied arrangements, that are not limited to only well known composer-arrangers like Basie, Herman or Nestico. Fresh tunes and arrangements by younger composers like Jörg Achim Keller, Gordon Goodwin and Michael Abene (former director of Grammy winner WDR-Bigband) also make up a good part of the band's outstanding program.

SRH Bigband

Saxofone: Wolfram Sutter, Carsten Wergin, Bernhard Hennrich, NN., Peter Günther;

Posaunen: Andreas Mehrer, Andreas Wagner, Harald Donke, Erich Bernhard;

Trompeten: Axel Kistenmacher, Mathias Wehner, Reiner Vierling, Uwe Rudnik, Marcel Gund;

Rhythmus: Piano: Stefan Ahrens,Tim Kersebohm, Bass: Stefan Conradi, Gitarre: Dietmar Dymke, Drums: Ulf Kager,  Perkussion: Andreas Ahlemann;

Gesang: Viola Bommer;

Musikalische Leitung: Rainer Maertens

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